Quiz Challenge October(i)

Quiz Challenge October #1

Dr Janice Thean


Spot Diagnosis – do you know what this condition is called?

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Neovascularisation of the iris.

What are the likely causes?

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Common causes includes diabetic retinopathy, venous and arterial occlusions.  Need to assess if there is neovascularisation of the angle.  Condition needs to be managed to prevent neovascular glaucoma.

Neovascular glaucoma (NVG) is a severe form of secondary glaucoma characterized by proliferation of fibrovascular tissue in the anterior chamber angle.  The common denominator predisposing to this condition is usually retinal ischemia, Neovascular glaucoma runs an aggressive clinical course and the condition is usually refractory to medical therapy alone.  Anti-Vegf can help in the initial stage to dampen down the neovascularization process but ultimately, the underlying cause must be treated.  For example patient’s with PDR will require a full PRP.  Trabeculectomy is considered in cases where there is no longer active neovascularization for fear of haemorrhage.  Cyclodiode is considered in eyes where there is poor visual prognosis.