Orbital Dermatoid

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A: Orbital Dermoid

Dermoid cyst is the most common space-occupying orbital lesion in the childhood. It is a result of sequestration of embryonic epithelium between orbital bones along suture lines. It contains adnexal structures such as hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands.

Dermoids may also have both an anterior lobe and a deeper orbital lobe, giving rise to a “dumbbell” appearance. Patients with deep lesions may present in late adolescence or adulthood with painless, progressive proptosis, motility deficits or diplopia

What do you need to look out for?

Dermoid cysts can rupture with minor trauma and can spontaneously leak their cystic substances into surrounding soft tissues, causing a localized inflammatory response.

Surgical treatment is the only effective treatment modalities.